Where is the office and when can I stop by?

532 Manville Ave 
Bowling Green, OH 43402

Office has no set hours*
*Best to make an appointment.

What utilities are included in my lease?
How do I turn on/off my utilities?

Included utilities are illustrated in the respective property details contained in this web site and will be stated in your lease agreement. All necessary utility information (i.e. water, sewer, gas, electric, and cable television services) can be found below. You are responsible for the maintenance of all utilities stated in your lease for the entire duration of your lease.

When is rent due?
Where do I pay it?
To whom do I make the check out?

All rent payments are due in full to the office by the first business day of each month unless otherwise stated in your lease agreement.

Payments should be made thru the online payment portal - Innago. You will receive an invite to the portal once a lease is signed.

Personal checks and money orders should be made payable to the entity listed in your lease or "Smith Contracting". Mail or drop thru the 532 Manville Ave office door mail slot.

How long is my lease?

All leases are for 12 months and typically run from May to May or August to August.

Where do I park my car as a tenant?
Do I need to register it with the office?

Most properties have ample, lit, off-street parking for your convenience. While registration stickers are not standard practice, you may be asked to provide information pertaining to your vehicle upon signing your lease. This enables tenants to maintain their right to park their vehicles while discouraging potential non-tenant use. In the event you are hosting a long-term guest, be sure to notify the office immediately.

What are the restrictions about gatherings and parties?

We do not tolerate large parties. This is similar to the position of the majority of landlords in Bowling Green, Ohio. Under no circumstances will keg parties be tolerated. Violation of this rule will result in the delivery of an eviction notice - no exceptions. Remember, you (the tenant) are responsible for all social functions taking place on your property. Should a gathering get out of control, you are responsible for remedying the situation immediately.

Can I have a pet?

We are a BIG fan of fish - as long as their homes are properly maintained. Cats are acceptable at some properties for an additional and non-refundable deposit (typically $250.00 + $20.00 additional rent per month). Unfortunately, requests for dogs or other animals cannot be accommodated. Contact the office for more information.

I have been asked to watch my parent's/friend's pet.  What do I do?

Visiting animals are allowed only for a short period of time and only if they are properly cleared through the office. Failure to notify our office will necessitate arrangements for the timely removal of the animal once it is noticed.

The property I'm renting seems large enough for more people.  Why is there a limit?

There are a number of reasons why there is a limit to the number of tenants that may occupy a property.

First is to protect the integrity of the property itself. We provide some of the most appealing properties in Bowling Green, and this ensures that the properties (and subsequently the lease rates) remain attractive for current and prospective tenants.

Secondly, the City of Bowling Green has established guidelines regarding the number of people that may occupy a property at any one time (including permanent occupants and guests of social functions) based on the number of egresses within that property. The limit set for by us must also fall within these guidelines.

My roommate(s) and I are not getting along as we thought.  What can I do?

We must remain uninvolved in personal disputes outside of those illustrated in the lease agreement. While recognizing that there are times when the best of friends don't make the best of roommates, we will gladly aid in the search for a new dwelling for one of the tenants if necessary. Unfortunately, the obligations of the current lease will be enforced unless other suitable arrangements are made.

I want to move/will be away for the summer.  Can I find a sub leaser?

If you are able to find a sub leaser, we will try to accommodate your wishes as long as everybody on the lease agrees to the change. If your are unable to find a sub leaser, we may (at our own discretion) re-list your property as 'available’. You may be charged the sublease fee per the lease, and your responsibilities to the apartment/house will remain for the duration of the current lease.

How do we Recycle?

The City of Bowling Green has a curb-side recycling program available for all houses & 2 family units. A bin is provided to residents by the City for weekly pick up. Please contact our office for more information.

How should I dispose of my trash?

Some properties offer dumpsters that are available for tenant's use. Other properties utilize curbside pick up provided by the City of Bowling Green. Please contact our office for more information.

I'm leaving for an internship and will be gone for an extended period.  What do I need to do?

If you wish, you may notify the office of extended leaves that do not fall within BGSU breaks. While you will still be held to your responsibilities as state in your lease agreement, this allows the office to better handle any situations should they arise.

Are my belonging insured?

While we hold insurance for the property itself, it does not cover the tenants' personal belongings.

All insurance companies go back to the Tenants for reimbursement of any damages that the Tenant causes. You are encouraged to obtain renters insurance through a private company to cover unforeseen events.